Down Memory Lane in Longford: After the fighting – a time for apologies

Story of the week from December 4th, 1987

Longford Leader


Longford Leader


Down Memory Lane in Longford: Renowned editor dies

Good sense won out in the end at the last meeting of Longford VEC- but only just!

Mickey Brennan was on his feet in the VEC Chamber and on his feet he was going to stay until he got an apology from Mickey Nevin.

“I have to clear my name”, declared the Independent Kenagh Councillor defiantly. “I have suffered a great deal because of the accusation that Mickey Nevin made at the last meeting here that I called Paddy Cooney a liar”.

Mickey Nevin tried his best to wrangle his way out of the situation by denying any involvement in the sordid incident. “I never said that you called Paddy Cooney a liar” he told Mickey Brennan “and I apologised to you before the meeting started. What do you want me to do, give you a kiss?”, he added.

“I never heard any apology and I won't sit down until I do hear one”, said Mickey Brennan.

Almost in despair, Mickey Nevin uttered the magic words. He said he was sorry that his remark had caused any upset to Mickey Brennan's aged mother. “I don't care about himself”. Then almost as an after-thought he hurriedly added “well I'm sorry for him too”.

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