Down Memory Lane in Longford: Teachers for £80 per week

Story of the week from November 6th, 1987

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Longford Leader


Down Memory Lane in Longford: Renowned editor dies

A proposal that newly-qualified teachers should be given employment in schools throughout the country at £80 per week was described as “an insult to young people” when it came before last week's meeting of Longford VEC.

The proposal was put forward by Cllr Brian Lynch who told the meeting he believed young people would “rather work for a small wage than be idle” and he felt they would be better off working for a small wage than be drawing the dole.

Mickey Nevin said that £80 per week was “an insult” to young people. “They would be better off taking the emigrant ship to England or America ”.

Mr Nevin praised Cllr Lynch for putting forward such a brave motion because he was trying his best to suggest some solution to the terrible unemployment among our youth but he said the proposal was not in line with Mary O'Rourke's thinking.

“Young people here are being educated for England and America”, declared Mickey Nevin “and a proposal like Brian Lynch's wouldn't even make it as far as the waste paper basket in Mary O'Rourke's office.”

Gerry Brady suggested that the £80 per week clause be amended to “a realistic wage”. Mickey Nevin urged them to be realistic. “Mary O'Rourke won't even entertain such a proposal”, he said.

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