Down Memory Lane in Longford: Tough choices face council

Story of the week from September 25th, 1987

Longford Leader


Longford Leader


Longford's County Councillors will be faced with some very unsavory choices when they begin their debate on the Estimates for 1988 on Monday next.

County Manager Michael Killeen outlined the difficulties facing Longford Councillors in trying to strike a rate for 1988 and said there would “undoubtedly have to be staff layoffs in every area of the Council's operations”. “We are down at least £½m on last year's Estimates” said Mr Killeen “and this will have to mean staff cutbacks”.

Cllr Peter Murphy asked the County Manager why all the staff layoffs started with “the pen pushers and the men who carry the shovel”. He said there were no layoffs at the top level of Council staff.

“I have asked on numerous occasions how many Engineers we have in Longford,” said Cllr Murphy “and I have never been given a satisfactory answer. We have Engineers for everything and I don't see any of them being laid off”.

Cllr Louis Belton said it was “staggering news” to hear that the Estimates were down £½m on last year. He asked the County Manager if outdoor staff were going to be let go. “Our road system is nearly gone already” he said “ and if we let the road workers go we might as well pull the shutters down altogether”.