Longford Leader Columnist Mattie Fox: The independence of the judiciary

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Mattie Fox

Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

Noirin O’Sullivan has an astounding capacity to divert all conversations away from that about which she doesn't want to talk.

When she cited the “independence of the judiciary” in response to a question from PAC about the actions of certain high level Gardaí, the matter was immediately dropped.

O’Sullivan knew full well that the independence of the Judiciary was not being questioned, or even alluded to, rather the PAC were very justifiably questioning the answers given to the Jobstown case by Gardai, which clearly contradicted that which was plain as day from video evidence. Nothing whatever to do with the Judiciary, which obviously has no control over such matters in any case.

It’s an absurd assertion that they cannot discuss such matters when nothing whatever is being said about the Judiciary.

Nevertheless, she succeeded in having the matter taken off the agenda.

Perhaps because Sean Fleming, the chairman, was thinking on his feet and couldn't fairly make a judgement on the issue.

The investigation into Garda behaviour, which is being conducted by the Gardai - naturally - does not include any investigation into why several Gardai seemingly misunderstood at the same time, and formed the exact same impression which turned into evidence submitted at the trial, and which was duly not believed.

Thank God for an independent Judiciary, is all I can say.