Longford Leader Columnist Mattie Fox: Longford isn’t a whipping boy for wrong calls

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Mattie Fox

Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

Does anyone from Longford County Board view the videos of games after they occur?

I’ve seen several players suffer from wrong calls by referees without the slightest protest from Longford.

Several in this year alone.

Doesn't anyone think that it would be wise to let the GAA know that Longford isn’t a whipping boy for wrong calls being allowed wholesale without as much as a whimper?

In the Donegal match, there were obvious wrong calls made by the referee, who incidentally was an Ulster man. A case in point was James McGivney’s red, which was a very costly penalisation for Longford.

Additionally, the Longford runner wasn’t allowed on the field several times, yet his Donegal counterpart could roam the pitch without sanction.

Why do we put up with that sort of shabby treatment?

Michael Murphy pulled a Longford player up on his back, and carried him until they both fell, after which Daniel Mimnagh was given a black card. Can anyone seriously claim that Daniel Mimnagh would be able to hold onto Michael Murphy in such a scenario? The fact is, that Michael Murphy should have received a black card, if any were to be issued.

Surely the Longford Board officials view the videos occasionally, for example after the Donegal game where the issue of James McGivney’s red card was raised and deplored even on the Sunday Game because it was clearly wrong. Now it’s possible that Longford Board plan to appeal, but I haven’t heard anything to that effect. If Croke Park received an appeal against the sending off it would at least flag to headquarters that Longford weren’t taking such ridiculous decisions lying down, and maybe cause referees to be more careful to make the calls correctly.

It wouldn’t happen Donegal, Dublin, Kildare, Tyrone, Kerry, Mayo, Galway, or any of the teams that take themselves seriously.

Maybe Longford should take a good long look at themselves, rather than always taking such calls on the chin.

It is wrong for Longford to simply walk away, seemingly unconcerned, when a player gets sent off.

When undeserved, always protest loudly.

Not all calls by referees are correct you know…..

PS - Congratulations to Kevin McStay and the Roscommon panel. Connacht championship medals !