Longford Down Memory Lane: Pat Stenson told to “keep mouth shut”

Story of the week from November 15, 1985

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Verbal warfare has again broken out between Chamber of Commerce President, Pat Stenson and Urban Councillor, Tony Carberry, this time over Mr Stenson's remarks on councillors at the Chamber of Commerce dinner.

Mr Carberry this week advised him to “keep his big mouth shut”. Mr Stenson hit out at county and urban councillors who were “wasting local authority money on foreign junkets”, but Mr Carberry told him this week that Longford Urban Council had built the town into one of the best in the country “with no help from the Chamber of Commerce”.

“They have done nothing for this town except erect a few Christmas lights every year, whereas the Urban Council have increased housing a thousand fold over the last couple of years. The Chamber of Commerce's contribution has been nil as far as the ordinary working class people are concerned”.

Mr Carberry also lashed the fact that Mr Stenson used the occasion of the Chamber of Commerce dinner to remark on the councilors. “Let him come and meet us or else keep his big mouth shut”, he advised.

Why did he use this social gathering to attack the councillors when we weren't there to defend ourselves”. He said that the occasion was an elitist one that the ordinary working class person couldn't afford to attend.