Longford Leader Opinion: Growing up in rural Ireland

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Longford Leader Opinion: Growing up in rural Ireland

The beauty of rural Ireland

I often think of growing up in Ireland long ago, and how naive we really were.

Still, that made for the celebration of innocence in a way that couldn't be imagined, or indeed happen, in these modern times.
We have neither the habits or ways of old left anymore. All wiped out by the rush of progress. Is it really progress? We wonder sometimes.

In innumerable ways Ireland is a better place to grow up, but modernity has overtaken us, and caused preoccupation with things humans weren't intended for, nor are we wired to process in the way that's being demanded....by ourselves it must be said.

I'm talking here of the abundant proliferation of mobile phones, iPads, laptops, televisions with over a hundred channels, computers that could almost talk to you, yet, still they go on and on, and develop smarter engines for the computerisation explosion that continues unabated. You don't need an iPod anymore, almost, most mobiles can do the same thing, perhaps not with such smooth reproduction but who notices?

Hardly anybody.

Humans aren't cut out for the dissemination of so much information coming at us in waves of urgency. The urgency culture of this century.

I don't know, but I'm sure it negatively affects people's health.

Long ago.......over fifty years ago, there was no such contraptions as mobiles, or iPads or no email. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram hadn't even been developed.

The urgency culture of this century took hold and made the seemingly impossible, possible.

When that happened, the world changed.

I recall as a child going to Mass every Sunday and that really was an event, at the time.

Occasionally, one could get really lucky as Tom Keenan might come along in his pony and trap, and you could be treated to the most comfortable journey known to man.

Stepping up into the hallowed surroundings of the trap, with the high sides wrapping the structure around you.

Oh, to be so lucky.