Luigi's chips impress Dermot and Dave on their search for 'Ireland's Best Chipper'

Luigi’s restaurant in Longford is renowned for its delicious fresh cut chunky chips.

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News Reporter


Super fresh and out of this world chips at Luigi’s in Longford

Luigi's chips are a Longford institution

Check out the video by Dermot and Dave from Today FM as they give their verdict and rate Luigi’s famous chips for fluffiness, salt and vinegariness, temperature, bag stains, crispiness and portion size.

In conjunction with their 'Ah Sure Lookit' comedy tour, Dermot and Dave are searching for ‘Ireland’s Best Chipper’ and Luigi’s of Longford was their 8th chipper to put to the test and they scored it at 81.6%.

Mikes Killarney (87%) and Joe’s Kilkenny (83.3%) are the only chippers to score better than Luigi’s.

However, Longford’s well known Orkambi campaigner Jillian McNulty doesn’t agree with Dermot and Dave and she is adamant that Luigi’s serve up the best chips in the country!