COMPETITION: Mel's last day in Longford

Mel, the Longford Leader mascot


Mel, the Longford Leader mascot


COMPETITION: Mel's last day in Longford

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

I have had a really fun few days in Longford, readers. You must all be so proud to call this beautiful county your home.

Thanks to all who entered yesterday's competition. I was, as you all correctly pointed out, at the 3 store in the Longford Shopping Centre. Thanks to 3 for sponsoring a fantastic prize of bluetooth earphones, which go to our winner, Eimear Feeney. I hope you'll be using them for some Christmas songs, Eimear!

It's been lots of fun hiding out in Longford, and I'm sad to say that this is my last competition for this year. 

So let me set the scene: I had all my Christmas shopping done and I was strolling around the Water Street area when I spotted this store. I went in to have a look around, and let's just say, good 'ol Mel here is going to be having a complete renovation of the house come January!

Of course, I'd always recommend trying before you buy, so I had to do just that. And let me tell you, the bathtubs are extremely comfortable...

The proprietor was ever so friendly, and he showed me around the family-owned store, where I had a good look at all the tiles they have lined out - there's so much choice.

As I was leaving - to go home and ponder my interior design choices - the proprietor gave me a €50 voucher to give away to one very lucky reader as a Christmas Eve treat.

So, as with the other competitions, all you have to do is comment on this post on the Longford Leader's Facebook page telling the Leader where I am! You have until 7:30pm this evening.

I'm off now - this turkey won't stuff itself, you know!

Wishing all Longford Leader readers a wonderful Christmas - thank you for joining me in my Longford adventure and I hope to see you all again soon.


PS: Keep an eye out on the Longford Leader's Facebook page and on at 6pm for a very special message from a good friend of mine, who will be doing a lot of travelling tonight!!!