IFA general election debate takes place in midlands this evening

Kevin Forde


Kevin Forde



IFA general election debate takes place in midlands this evening

Longford & Westmeath IFA are hosting a debate on agriculture and rural issues with the Westmeath/Longford Constituency general election candidates.

The debate will take place in the Mullingar Park Hotel on Tuesday, February 04, at 8pm. IFA is meeting with candidates in all constituencies around the country during the General Election campaign. At national level, IFA will be engaging with the party leaders and agriculture spokespersons in advance of polling day.

Longford IFA Chairman Mr. Gavin White said, “IFA will work to ensure that politicians and political parties establish policies that promise a real and positive impact on agriculture and rural Ireland.

“We expect firm commitments from all parties that they will undertake actions to support agriculture, put the sustainable and profitable growth of family farming to the fore and prioritise the rejuvenation of rural Ireland as an essential element of economic recovery especially in the Beef and Suckler sector.

Continuing the Longford IFA chair said: “Crucially, when a new Government is in place, they must make good on their election promises on agriculture as an utmost priority.

“The IFA will be holding them to account on their commitments in any Programme for Government.”

Mr. White concluded by urging all farmers to attend the upcoming debate, share their views and have their say.

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