Budget should include financial aid for farmers in light of Brexit - Charlie McConalogue

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter



Fianna Fáil spokesperson on Agriculture, Charlie McConalogue, says the forthcoming budget should include specific financial aid for the agri-sector due to the adverse impact of Brexit.

He said: “The government should commit to supporting the agri-sector in the forthcoming budget. It is expected that other sectors will have financial supports delivered in the forthcoming budget. The agri-sector should be included in any Brexit minded budget.

“Brexit has harmed the sector like never before. Since May beef farmers have losses of €100m. These losses are set to continue and government intervention in this budget is needed.

“My colleagues and I have made the case to the government that our largest indigenous sector must be safeguarded from all Brexit scenarios in the upcoming budget.”

In conclusion Deputy McConalogue stated: “We must plan for all eventualities and have a mitigation fund. The government must deliver a sectoral fund in the budget,”

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