Midlands North West MEP candidate Dr Dilip Mahapatra: ‘The people are my political party’

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Dilip Mahapatra

Dr Dilip Mahapatra, Independent MEP candidate

Dr Dilip Mahapatra is a consultant doctor with a medical practice on Alphonus Road in Dundalk, who recently challenged for a place on the Fianna Fáil ticket. Dr Dilip will now run as an independent.

The doctor has an impressive career history and also acted as peace commissioner in Co Louth. He served as chairman of Kalinga Academy of Social Sciences Ireland.

Dr Mahapatra hopes to represent the interests of both younger and older generations, as well as those with disabilities or without homes.

If elected, Dr Mahapatra hopes to tackle the homeless crisis, gain further funding in health related projects, encourage schemes which will help make the fishery and forestry industries more eco-friendly and profitable, whilst also finding solutions and creating more EU funded support projects and internship placements. He also hopes to support undergraduate and graduate programmes.

“We need to safeguard our jobs, post Brexit and make sure our employment grows further to at least match the EU average.” he said.

“I am not contesting under any political party, the people are my political party and I want to be closer to the people, take instruction from them and not follow policies and instructions of any other political party that hinders my ability to perform.”