Claims traffic lights only serving to hamper Edgeworthstown's economic recovery

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove


Edgeworthstown lights

Edgeworthstown businessman Pat Kane is calling for the removal of a set of traffic lights he believes is stymying commercial and entrepreneurial growth in the area.

A Co Longford businessman who is hoping to create in excess of 20 new jobs with a proposed extension of an Edgeworthstown based filling station is calling for the removal of a set of traffic lights he believes is stymying commercial and entrepreneurial growth in the area.

As first revealed by the Leader at the end of May, Pat Kane announced details of plans to a proposed multi million euro redevelopment of a service station on the outskirts of the mid Longford town.

Plans outlining that proposed undertaking were lodged days later and provided for a shop, off-licence and seating area with the existing service-station being demolished.

This week, Mr Kane raised the topic of how a set of traffic lights located just yards from his premises was causing undue inconvenience to both himself and other locally situated firms.

The lights, which are located along the town’s old Longford road had been out of commission for a number of weeks owing to a recent traffic accident.

Despite their nonexistence, Mr Kane said the flow of traffic into and out of the area had been aided greatly much to the delight of local residents and business owners alike.

“Traffic moves a lot more smoothly now there are no long delays at changeover of shifts in C&D or when businesses open or close,” he told the Leader.

“Lorry traffic is also moving freely to Paul & Vincent's factory.”

The lights were, however, returned to full working order this week in a move which caused Mr Kane to question their necessity.

“There are a number of people using this road and cannot avoid using the traffic lights,” he maintained.

“Traffic can be held up when the lights are working for a substantial amount of time as the lights are set to let 3-4 vehicles through.

“On many occasions people have sat in their cars waiting for lights to change even though there is no traffic waiting on the other junctions. All of the commuters using the road agree that there is no need for these lights and there is the height of comfort for everyone since they have been out of action.”

Mr Kane also hinted at the idea of starting up a local petition and said he is willing to offer the Council a portion of his own property with a view to the local authority possibly installing a roundabout or identifying other alternative measures.

Edgeworthstown has the potential to thrive given the investment in Center Parcs,” he added.

“Edgeworthstown has been badly hit by the recession and has not recovered, there have been a number of businesses that have closed and the bank closing has hit the town hard.

“There is a huge sense of community spirit but there is little or no incentive to help the businesses that are struggling.”