Gardaí issue Covid-19 plea to the public after breaking up 'multiple parties'

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter


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Photo posted by Gardaí

Gardaí have urged the public not to hold parties during the lockdown because of the risk it poses to spreading the coronavirus after having to break multiple parties over the Easter weekend.

The appeal was made by police in Carlow and Kilkenny.

"In an evening that gave us the Shining the Light community initiative which showed the best of our spirit, unfortunately others fell short.

"House parties were reported in multiple locations by people who prioritised their enjoyment over the safety and health of others.

"This can undo good work and ultimately cost lives. The special measures in force mean that such gatherings are illegal at the moment.

"Calls were received by Gardai up to the early hours. Social distancing becomes impossible when households mix after consuming alcohol and other intoxicants.

"To the vast majority with their shoulders to the wheel in these tough times, thank you. To those who fell short, please, please look around you and think," said the post on the division's facebook page.

Gardaí have special extra powers under the coronavirus lockdown.