Letter to the Editor: Stratification is the hallmark of our society

John Kelly


John Kelly



Letter to the Editor: Stratification is the hallmark of our society

In the war against the Coronavirus “the Elderly” are confined to the barracks

Leaving the field open to the Millennials.

Division effected between the generations under the guise of the State’s concern for the Vulnerable and the Elderly.

A concern conspicuously absent some of the Elderly in their seventies and eighties would reflect upon having previously been subject to a means test which had resulted in their being required to return their Medical Cards to the State, leaving them more vulnerable than at any other time in their lives. Facing into great anxiety in the knowledge that it would be impossible for them to meet expensive hospital and prescription costs.

Confined to the barracks, the Elderly will read with some alarm that with an increasing call by the day on the health care services in Ireland the State may need to consider the prioritising of these services.

Some patients to be accorded preferential treatment over other patients whose demise would be considered for the general good and in alliance with the theories of the English economist Thomas Malthus related to population control. In our time in the days of the Coronavirus something along the lines of Soylent Green.

Confined to the barracks there would be those amongst the ranks of the elderly convinced that the day would come when they would be transported from the barracks to the Departure Lounge. Facing into the Exit.
The Vulnerable Elderly acquiring the penultimate classification. The Expendable.
Please note that the over 70s author of this correspondence maintains strict adherence to the guidelines for the over 70s set out by the Health Services Executive.

Yours faithfully,
John Kelly
Co Westmeath - Ireland