Irish tech company 3D Prints face shields for frontline medics

Michaela O'Dea


Michaela O'Dea

Irish tech company 3D Prints shields for frontline medics

Irish company Calt Dynamics has designed 3D printed protective gear for frontline workers.

The Wicklow based company represents one of the biggest 3D printing companies in Ireland and like many other Irish companies have used their expertise to help the HSE during this national crisis. 

The company created many iterations of face shields. CEO Ross Lawless stated in a Tweet that their "#COVID19 face shield design so it's eaiser and faster to 3D print. We've made it suitable for most kinds of printers and it works with a common Velcro strap."

This news comes as hospital staff across Ireland issue pleas for protective gear that is unopened and unused. A shipment of protective equipment is due to land in Ireland this weekend.