Japanese anti-flu medication proven to be effective against the coronavirus

Michaela O'Dea


Michaela O'Dea



Japanese flu medication 'Avigan' may be effective in combating Covid-19 (coronavirus).

Chinese media have reported the effectiveness of the drug on the coronavirus, as it was manufactured to treat new strains of influenza.

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The active ingredient Favipiravir within the medication was tested on 340 patients took part in the clinical trial who had the coronavirus in China. Within four days, it was reported that the patients went from Covid-19 positive to Covid-19 negative and had no obvious side effects.

It is understood that the ingredients within the anti-flu medication inhibits the virus from replicating within the body, and thus hindering its takeover. However, it has been reported that the medication does not work in severe cases of illness.

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X-rays and medical examinations on the 340 patients showed significant improvement in lung capacity, which is a primary characteristic of the deadly virus. 

Officials have stated that should the drug be approved for this purpose, it will be given for free, however this is up for speculation. 

Favipiravir was also an active ingredient used to fight the Ebola virus during the 2016 outbreak.

The drug is being developed  by a subsidiary of Fujifilm according to The Guardian  and shares have been reported to increase by 15% since the discovery.

As confirmed coronavirus cases surpasses 200,000 patients globally, could we finally be able to stop the deadly disease?

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