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Cavan wins 5th All-Ireland in epic clash against arch rivals Meath

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Breffni O'Reilly


Breffni O'Reilly

All Ireland Winning Cavan team 1952

The All Ireland winning Cavan team

The Moment:  Cavan wins their 5th All-Ireland title in an epic battle against Meath

The Year: 1952

The 1952 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final was the 65th All-Ireland Final and the deciding match of the 1952 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, an inter-county Gaelic football tournament for the top teams in Ireland.

Mick Higgins was Cavan's captain on the day.[1]

Cavan equalised with a strange point - Edwin Carolan chased a ball that seemed to go wide, and kicked it across the goalmouth and over the bar. Mick Higgins's five points won the replay for Cavan, while Peter McDermott (Meath) missed an easy goal chance.[2]

Senior (5): 1933, 1935, 1947, 1948, 1952

Junior (2): 1927, 2014

Minor (2): 1937, 1938

Cavan have not appeared in an All-Ireland football final since.[1]

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