Celebrate all that's great about our pubs in Loving Your Local

The Irish pub has gone through huge change but it remains an institution in Irish life

Sarah Smyth


Sarah Smyth



Loving Your Local

Local pubs play a key role in the social life of our communities

Local pubs play a key role in the social life of our communities and in this week’s Longford Leader, we celebrate the institution that is the Irish pub.  

Our 16 page supplement, Loving Your Local, produced in conjunction with the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland looks at the Irish pub has evolved over the years but still remains very much at the heart of local life.

“What you have got to remember is there more to the pub than just alcohol,” explained vice chairperson of the Vintners Federation of Ireland Longford branch, Eddie Valentine.

“It’s all about how you can interest your customer to come in and what you can offer them,” says Eddie.

Loving Your Local looks at how pubs around the country have adapted to change while at the same time remaining at the heart of local communities, reflecting the changes in Irish society but staying firmly at the centre of it all.

Check out our 16 page Loving Your Local supplement in this week's Longford Leader and on line HERE.