Meet the Space Engagers team during Longford Nua Week

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Longford Nua

The Longford Nua app was launched last July and you can meet the Space Engagers team during Longford Nua Week from November 6 to 9.

Longford Nua is a pilot mapping project for the community that enables local people to play an active part in regenerating Longford Town.

You can meet the Space Engagers team in the Old Providers building, 27 Main Street, from 6-9 Monday, November 6 to Thursday, November 9, or join a short mapping workshop between 12:30pm and 1:30pm at the following locations:

Monday, November 6: The Old Providers building, Main Street

Tuesday, November 7: Longford Branch Library

Wednesday, November 8: The Old Providers building. (There will also be a short walking tour with the County Longford Historical Society from 2–3pm

Thursday, November 9: The Providers building

The team will be available for drop-in meetings at other times at the Providers Building and at Longford Centre (when possible)

Don't forget to download the Space Engagers app to access the Longford Nua project today!