Flower’s bakery chain is blossoming

At the launch of Kr�st Bakery are Garret Flower, a native of Colehill, Co Longford and his business partner Robert Kramer. The new bakery in Dublin City Centre (32 Aungier st, D2) offers specialty bread, donuts and coffee.
Colehill entrepreneur Garett Flower knows what it’s like to earn a Krust, quite literally.

Colehill entrepreneur Garett Flower knows what it’s like to earn a Krust, quite literally.

The 25-year-old has spent the past two years and more trying to carve out a name for himself in the retail sector.

Together with business partner and close friend Rob Kramer, the pair believe they are on the cusp of doing just that courtesy of their self styled Krust Bakery creation.

Set up in 2012, the business has steadily grown to its present day 10 strong workforce, some of whom now work in Krust’s newly opened store in the heart of Dublin.

“When I met Rob, he was selling mini pastries,” said Garett, who initially met his future business partner while enrolled at Dublin Business School.

“We joined forces and met a few buyers from the likes of Tesco and Dunnes Stores and realised there was an opening in the market for speciality breads.”

Like many up and coming, but untried investors, Garret and Rob found it tough securing much needed finance.

The economic crash of September 2008 meant banks simply could not lend given their exposure to Ireland’s property bubble.

It left both men facing a tricky decision - either pursue their dreams and work for themselves or start looking for jobs.

In the end it was the former, a choice which is only now starting to pay off.

“We used our own savings in the beginning, then as we were expanding we were able to work with our bank, Bank of Ireland to secure credit to expand nationwide,” said the son of Reina and William Flower.

But it’s not been all plain sailing. Long hours and weekends for that matter have been sacrificed in a bid to win over their critics, and more importantly their creditors.

They have continually broadened Krust’s appeal by consistently marketing new and appetising product ranges.

Examples include the ‘Cronut’, a cross between a croissant and doughnut together with a newly released pretzel doughnut.

“The market is improving and thankfully people are willing to try new things,” said Garret.

“I feel that we offer this alternative on a consistent basis to our customers.”

His confidence is refreshing and he has some words of advice for others who are perhaps contemplating taking the entrepreneurial plunge.

“My advice would be to surround yourself with people who have experienced where you want to be because before you know it, you will become that person.”

That, coming from an ambitious bakery chain owner, is food for thought indeed.