Granard brothers are hands on in new business venture

Two north Longford brothers are planning to take the domestic as well as international medical industry by storm thanks to the emergence of a pioneering anti-ulceration cream.

Two north Longford brothers are planning to take the domestic as well as international medical industry by storm thanks to the emergence of a pioneering anti-ulceration cream.

Patrick and Oliver Durkin believe their foot and hand formula for diabetics could revolutionise the way experts treat an illness that now affects more than 200,000 people nationwide.

Operating as Furlio Healthcare Ltd, the concept was lauched just last week in order to coincide with World Diabetes Day.

Given Patrick’s role as a senior clinical podiatrist at Mullingar’s Midlands Regional Hospital, it’s not hard to see why both he and his brother are so excited about the Furlio brand.

“This has taken two years to bring to market and all the clinical trials have shown that it reduces the risk of anihydrosis which can lead to ulcers,” he said, as he spoke at length about the foot and hand cream’s soothing benefits.

Unlike some of its market rivals, the cream is devoid of any invasive chemical by-products as well as being paraben free.

But it was his day to day duties as a foot specialist in the Co Westmeath hospital which ultimately triggered Patrick into action.

“I was getting a bit tired with the amount of young people who were coming into me with a foot ulcer that with a little bit of care could easily have been prevented,” he said.

Another factor was the exorbitant cost associated with foot ailments, something which Patrick intends on rectifying over the weeks and months ahead.

“The current system of diabetics care and its nutrional framework just isn’t working. At the moment the average cost to the taxpayer of treating a foot ulcer is €31,000 so a product like this makes perfect sense,” he said.

He went on to praise the support provided by Longford County Enterprise Board for the venture adding that the product has already been approved by the Irish Medical Board. The next target for the Durkin brothers is to establish their product countrywide before approachinmarkets in the UK, Spain, Portugal and France.

Depending on the outcome of those plans, the aim is to then unveil a new product every six months.

With over €100,000 having been spent on research and development and production costs, Furlio certainly has ambitious long-term plans..

“We have taken on three administration staff already and we have taken on investment from the CityPOST Group,” added Patrick, from Granard. .

His reference to the State’s largest independent postal services establishment is where his brother, Oliver comes in.

Heavily immersed in brand development and media management, since 2007 he has built up an impressive CV working as an independent consultant for household names epitomised by the likes of Pat the Baker, Green Farm Foods and more recently The CityPOST Group.

“They (CityPOST) have access to 220m European letterboxes,” he said, revealing also his hope to distribute 500,000 Furlio leaflets across the UK by mid January.

More accustomed to the commercial workings of business, Oliver is the first to admit his talents lie in developing the firm’s reputation as a market leading mainstream as well as internet based product.

“I have found that high street brands are basically rubbish,” he stated in no uncertain terms. “The proof, as they say is in the pudding and what we have started with is a very specific, niche product that emphasises all the values we stand for in that the cream is Irish made and chemical free. That is what we are all about-creating web based products for all family health needs, well being and general all round fitness requirements.”