'Cat'astrophe avoided as Ballymahon mechanic rescues kitten

Cat will go on to live nine lives thanks to Peter Hanly Motors

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



'Cat'astrophe avoided as Ballymahon mechanic rescues kitten

Johnny the kitten, following his successful rescue from the front grill of a car

There's one kitten in Longford with all nine lives still intact following a successful rescue mission by a Peter Hanly Motors employee yesterday.

Johnny the Kitten managed to climb up into the front grille of a Kia Rio, where he remained even when the owner of the vehicle switched on the engine and started driving.

However, he was soon spotted and, having toured South Longford inside the car, the lucky cat was removed safely and will go on to enjoy all nine of his lives.

He's currently relaxing in his new home at the ISPCA headquarters in Kenagh.

In the winter time, it is quite common for cats to climb inside cars. Often, as the weather gets colder, they can climb up under the warm engine of a car that has just been parked, where they will shelter.

For this reason, it's important during the winter to make sure there are no sheltering cats in your engine before you make a journey.