Longford poet ‘Dipping into the Font’ with new book

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Eileen Moyhnihan

Eileen Moyhnihan

Longford-based poet Eileen Moynihan has been making a name for herself with a variety of poems published over the years.

The local lady released her first book, Dipping Into the Font, just before Christmas and the book is now available to purchase on amazon.

“I had many poems written over the last few years, which were dotted all over my computer, and I decided I needed to put them all together in one place for myself. By doing this, I hope others can enjoy my poems too,” Eileen explained.

“I thought long and hard about different names for my collection of poetry, but when I checked them out, nearly every name had already been taken. Then one morning I woke up with the title inside my head... ‘Dipping In The Font’. I felt it was perfect as I feel I am dipping my toe into the world of poetry.

“Even though I have been writing poetry all my life, I still feel I do not come up to the standard of the many amazing poets I admire.”

The font represents the art of writing, Eileen clarified, as traditionally a writer dips their pen into an ink font or inkwell. But to Eileen, the font also symbolizes a font or spring, a flowing source - just like the ideas and images that spring from one’s mind.

“Fonts are usually used in the ceremony of baptism as well, which gives a sense of the spiritual. Inspiration for my poems often feels like it comes from a spiritual realm,” she said.

Eileen asked her friend, photographer Antonio Simoes to take the photograph for the book cover, while Rose Moran provided the pen that is shown in the image.

Dipping Into the Font can be purchased in News round, Longford, or in Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre, Ardagh. You can also buy it from Eileen herself or get it on Amazon.