Longford's Backstage Theatre to host evening of one-act plays this weekend

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



BGT rehearsals

Mary Killane and Maggie McKenna in preparation for the weekend's events

This weekend - Friday 20 and Saturday 21 October - Backstage Theatre Group will be bringing Longford audiences their traditional autumn offering of an evening of one act plays.

The evening will be comprised of three one act plays covering comedy, tragedy and drama.
The opening play of the evening will be 'A Personal Thing' by Paul G. Wildman.

The action takes place in a shabby hotel room where we meet a character known only as The Man.

He has just rented the room and is shown around by the bellhop who is more than dim-witted.

The Man is going through an emotional experience which is interrupted by Cheesy Moriah, a toilet seat salesman and a buyer for a big store who are attending a toilet seat conference in the hotel.

Both Cheesy and the buyer intrude on the Man and we experience the consequences.

Under the direction of Gus Hanley, the cast of Jim Maher, Tom Lyons, Niall Brewster and Seamus McManus bring these larger than life characters to the Longford stage.

A hotel room outside Dublin provides the setting for 'Love In A Glass Jar' which is directed by Ollie Kenny.

In this contemporary Irish play by Nancy Harris, Jim Davey and Christine O’Brien play a pair of strangers who are meeting for the first time.

They both know why they are there, but do they know what they want?

This thought-provoking, and excellently written piece from the winner of the The Rooney Prize for Irish Literature, and the Stewart Parker Trust New Playwrights Bursary will keep the audience riveted throughout.

Following its Longford run, this production will represent BTG on the All-Ireland one act festival circuit.

Rounding off the evening will be 'Relief', written by William Campbell.

Through the cast of Maggie McKenna, Mary Killane, John Kelly, Anthony Heavey, Leticia Cavicchioli and Mary McLoughlin, we follow the progress of Maxine and Brenda as they drive a van of medical supplies to Eastern Europe.

Through the course of their journey they encounter a number of characters along the way, not all of whom share their humanitarian outlook on life.

Tickets costing €10 are currently on sale from Backstage Theatre on 043 3347888, www.backstage.ie and from Farrell & Coy in Longford town.