Longford country music star Mick Flavin celebrates 30 years in concert

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Longford country music star Mick Flavin celebrates 30 years in concert

Mick Flavin's 30 year Celebration Concert takes place in the Mullingar Park Hotel next Monday, February 13.

It all began for Mick Flavin back in the '50's as a young boy, growing up in humble beginnings in Ballinamuck, County Longford.  

He started listening to music which was mostly, Rock n Roll, Elvis, Buddy Holly and all the Greats of the time.  

Then one of  his family got some Hank Williams Records and Mick got hooked on Country Music.  

Mick had many highlights in his career but some stand out more than others:  In 1989 he got the opportunity to play the Wembley Country Music Festival. On the same bill was Waylon Jennings, Tammy Wynette, Boxcar Willie and one of his Idols Buck Owens

In 2005 Mick became the 1st  Irish Country Artist to be nominated for the CMA Global Artist award.   This is an award for Artists outside of America who promote Country Music. 

Mick & his Band travelled down under to Australia for a month long tour in 2012.  They even played on the island of Tasmania.

In 2016 Mick was the 1st person in Ireland to receive the Irish Country Music Living Legend Hall Of Fame award. 

Not many artists get to play the circuit for 30years but Mick has and it's a testament to the talent this man has.  Mick would like to thank his family, friends, band members, people in the press, radio & T.V. and above all his fans.