Friday Night

Today has finally come

Today has finally come

And all the decorating is done

Everywhere looks so eerie !

Oh My God it’s all so scary

And me dressed up as a fairy

My mum thinks that is scary

I trick or treat in my home town

So many doors closed

Not many around

I’m off to my nana’s for the night

Because where she lives would

Give a ghost a fright

Her windows are dressed up right

Just to give the ghouls a fright

I press the bell the door opens wide

And a spooky voice says “come right inside

Its only Nana”, she says with pride

I look around and to my delight

Sweets and apples to my right

And on my left on what a fright

It’s even dark inside at night !

Dip your head if you dare

You never know what might be there !

Curling screams from down below
What oh what is that glow!

I’m scared I’m scared

I just don’t know

Perhaps to bed I should go

Settle down for the night

And at my window to my delight....

Is my Daddy looking in to see if I’m alright

by Nakita Cronogue, 5th class, Sacred Heart NS, Granard