A window into modern Longford

Artist visits Longford as part of 'Ireland in 32 Days' project

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Artist, Brian John Spencer, has thanked the Longford Leader for its help in securing him a bed in the county as part of his 'Ireland in 32 Days' project.

The idea of the project is to use social media, his art and writing to act as a window into Ireland as it is today and in order to do this, Brian has been seeking hosts to offer him a bed in each county as he goes.

His host in Longford was Fionnuala Farrell, who heard about his travels via the Longford Leader last week.

The project acts as “an act of art and reportage journalism”, with Brian spending one night in each county, exploring the issues that affect the country - such as Brexit, the border, emigration and many more.

“During the trip I propose to paint, draw, write, interview and make videos.

“I propose to spend each night with a volunteer family or business who would give me a bed, an evening meal and breakfast.

“I would repay them with a drawing of them and their house/landscape. I would also interview them and feature them in my book,” Brian said of the project before arriving in Longford.

Following his trip, he aims to hold an exhibition showcasing the artwork he creates on this travels - including paintings of Longford's cathedral and other landscapes - and to release a book that gives an insight into modern Ireland.

Brian stayed in Longford on Day 14 of his tour, and is continuing to travel around the country.

To keep up to date with his adventures, artwork and interviews along the way, visit his Facebook page @Irelandin32 or @Ireland_in_32 on Twitter.

He also uses the hashtag #irelandin32 online.