Longford Leader gallery: Buzz...show me the honey!

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove

Longford took a significant step towards supporting the local honey bee population and enhancing biodiversity in the county with the launch of the local authority’s Bee Hive Project.

Longford County Council was one of the first to sign up to the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan which aims to help struggling pollinators survive and thrive in Ireland.

And the Bee Hive Project, unveiled on Tuesday, July 28, is part of the council’s overall Pollinator & Biodiversity Plan for County Longford.

With the support of Environmental Officer, Gary Brady, along with senior members of management in Longford County Council, the Bee Hive Project was launched.

“The council is committed to helping develop pollinator and biodiversity zones across the whole of County Longford,” pointed out Mr Brady.

Longford County Council Chief Executive Paddy Mahon remarked, “We have great hope and anticipation that the people of Longford will come together with us as we support and encourage our local pollinators.”

Mr Brady said the Council is delighted to partner with Long Garden Bees who installed a bee hive on council property. “We hope that through this initiative, we can help promote pollinator awareness, support the local honey bee population and enhance biodiversity in the county of Longford.”

He continued, “Honey bees are just one of many bee species found naturally in Ireland, yet many of our bee populations are in decline. With the introduction of this hive, it is our aim to increase awareness of all pollinators which have been under threat.”
Long Garden Bees is a business founded by Daphne and David Barden. They install and maintain honey bee hives, in partnership with corporations, to create pollinator awareness, increase biodiversity and improve sustainability.

Co-founder of Long Garden Bees, Daphne Barden outlined, “We urge members of the public to keep an eye out for the bees as they make their journey in search of forage in the Longford Town area and to be mindful of these essential creatures.”
She concluded, “To help pollinators, let some weeds and wildflowers grow in your garden, reduce mowing of lawns and research the most common types of bees in Ireland so that you can identify them when you see them.”

To follow the story of these honeybees, regular updates will be posted on Long Garden Bees Instagram and Facebook pages as well as Longford County Council’s Facebook page and Twitter account.