Longford man's close shave from Mr Tayto in aid of Bumbleance at Vintage Club show

Alan Walsh


Alan Walsh



Longford man Miceal Nolan endured a close shave, all for a good cause mind you, at the hands of Mr Tayto and local barber Declan Donohoe, at today's sun splashed Longford Vintage Club show and craft fair in Connolly Barracks. 

Brave Miceal undertook the sponsored shave in aid of Bumbleance, and despite a large crowd of onlookers, the humming sound of razors around his ears and his hair tumbling to the ground, he was able to afford himself a big smile as barber Declan Donohoe, assisted by Mr Tayto, did the needful.

Longford Vintage Club Secretary Miceal was delighted with the overall success of the show and his shave for Bumbleance, which has raised almost €700 at this stage.

"If anyone wants to add to the pot I will welcome any donations with open arms," remarked, the now, bald Miceal.

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Expressing thanks to everyone for their support on his Facebook page, Miceal, wrote, "It's done and dusted, I'm officially bald again.

"A massive thank you to everyone that supported me with my sponsored head shave today, a big thank you to Declan for doing the deed with the help of Eli and of course my good friend Mr Tayto.

"Also a big thank you to my fellow committee members at Longford Vintage Club and both Val and Will from Corvenieos for allowing me to hijack their show. And thanks to Longford Vintage Club for their kind donation."