Dublin ladies football star Noelle Healy delighted to receive letter from young Longford fan

Longford Leader reporter


Longford Leader reporter



Dublin ladies football star and anaesthesia specialist registrar, Noelle Healy, has taken to Twitter to express her delight at receiving a letter from a young Longford fan.

And with schools currently closed, Noelle, the holder of five All-Ireland ladies senior medals (2010, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020) 2017 TG4 Senior Player's Player of the Year, was seeking assistance on how to get a response back to the letter writer, a first year student at Meán Scoil Mhuire, Longford. 

The letter writer explained that for English homework, she was asked to write to any famous person or someone who inspires them, and she chose Noelle, describing the Dublin player as a 'great footballer'.

"You really inspire me as a football player. I also admire the work that you do. When I am older I would love to become a surgeon or something to do with space."

Noelle tweeted that the letter was 'a nice bit of post to arrive home to'. 

She added, "It is especially great to see girls so excited and ambitious about careers in STEM!"

The letter was addressed to LGFA Headquarters and upon receipt of it, Noelle tweeted her call out for assistance, with Meán Scoil Mhuire and Longford LGFA among those to reply.