Gallery 6 | Love Your Home photography competition highlights beauty of Longford

Alan Walsh


Alan Walsh


Longford County Council and Longford Age Friendly Alliance, in association with the Longford Leader, are encouraging you to be creative while cocooning and staying within 2km of where you live.

We are asking you to send in a photograph of whatever makes you happy while social distancing; this can be a place, a person, a pet, a new hobby, your garden, or even your favourite book.

Gallery 5 | Longford folk get creative while cocooning and staying within 2km of where they live

Minister Simon Harris launched a mental health and well being initiative to support people during Covid 19.

The new ‘Together’ campaign emphasises the value of physical activity and remaining connected with friends and family and engaging in some form of creativity or enjoying a hobby such as gardening, photography, reading, etc.

There is an old and very wise saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and the Longford Leader and Longford County Council are asking you to take a photograph, respecting the government advice of staying at home and not going further than 2km from your home over the coming weeks - something that has a special meaning for you because it makes you happy, makes you smile and to share it with us.

You can send your photograph for our Love Your Home photography competition to

Longford Library will host an exhibition of a selection of the submitted photographs when the current Covid-19 crisis is over and we can all come together and celebrate what helped us get through this very challenging time.

This week’s Longford Leader features just a small selection of the beautiful photographs you’ve submitted to-date and we will publish more of your photos over the coming weeks and also on our website

Stay Safe!