Great parish spirit as Carrickedmond hosts Easter egg hunt and big clean-up

News Reporter


News Reporter


As part of the ‘One Good Club’ initiative, Carrickedmond ladies club organised some activities over Easter weekend.

This was part of the ‘Take Notice’ theme; In today’s modern world, we are always ‘on’ and this level of distraction can stop us from appreciating what’s around us. We are mind-full instead of mindful.

So, stop. Just take a few moments to be aware of what is going on within you and around you. Be curious. Be quiet. Be present.

A special Easter egg hunt was held in the local area over Easter weekend.

Participants were asked to find the ‘Easter eggs’ using the photo guide and entered in a draw for Easter eggs. Winners will be announced via social media pages.

On behalf of Carrickedmond ladies club, Claire Flood remarked, “Thanks to everyone who engaged with this activity and shared their photos.” For more information, see posts on Carrickedmond Ladies LGFA Facebook page and Carrick Ladies on Instagram.

Carrickedmond GAA and members of the local community also undertook a clean- up over Easter weekend.

Ms Flood explained, “We are blessed with our beautiful surroundings. We took the opportunity to ‘take notice’ of them while doing our bit for the local community. Thanks to the men’s club for their help and support in organising and facilitating this activity.

“Thanks to everyone who engaged with these activities while complying with Level 5 guidelines.”