Longford Superstars: Ballymahon Fire Brigade are an ‘outstanding team’

News Reporter


News Reporter



Ballymahon Fire Brigade is made up of some of Ballymahon’s bravest, kindest and most professional gentlemen you could ever meet - namely Roy Coughlan, Alan Hudson, Enda Connaughton, Paul Hughes, Ian Duncan, John Concannon, Michael Farrell, Fintan McDonnell and Dinny O’Meara.

This team has faced extremely challenging, traumatic and heartbreaking situations over the years - situations many of us could not even begin to imagine.

The Ballymahon crew are also noted for going above and beyond their call of duty and the Longford Leader’s Superstars is the perfect opportunity to recognise and pay respect to each and every one of them for the incredible work they do.

The same sentiments are also paid to the photographer of these pictures, Enda Sheehan, who was a member of Longford Fire Brigade for 20 years and, like his Ballymahon colleagues, is highly regarded and known for his kind and helpful nature.

You are an outstanding team and deep gratitude is expressed to you all.