GALLERY| Intercultural Awareness Day at Meán Scoil Mhuire

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter


Longford PPN, Longford County Council Community Section and Longford Community Gardaí were delighted to support Nagia Massod (Asian/African Women’s Group) in holding a Cultural Awareness event in Meán Scoil Mhuire last Friday, February 28.

Siobhán Cronogue, PPN Development Officer thanked principal Aoife Mulrennan, for opening the doors of the school to host this event. It is the first time anything like this has been held in a school in the county.

A large crowd attended with members of the Libyan, Nigerian, Pakistan, Ghanian, Slovakian, Brazilian, Sri Lankan, Irish, Russian and Moroccan communities showcasing elements of their culture through food, dance, dress and music.

Jasmini Milincic, Longford’s first Slovenian Garda said, “It has been wonderful to meet all the different cultures in Longford and I want everyone to know that we now have crime prevention, road, personal and house safety information leaflets available in all languages. These are also available to download on the Garda Síochána website,”

The event was a huge success and it is hoped that other schools in the county might also host Cultural Awareness events in the future.

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