Pictures: Northern Lights spotted over Longford

Longford photographers capture solar spectacle over county

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


If you were up late and under clear skies in Longford last weekend, you might have been fortunate enough to witness the spectacular Northern Lights, thanks to the strongest solar storm to be witnessed in over a decade.

Last week, the Longford Leader posted a story online stating that the Northern Lights would be visible over the county.

Unfortunately, we didn't get the spectacular lights show that we were dreaming of, and many hopeful star gazers across the county didn't get to see the lights, but we did have a few sightings, as is evident from the images above.

In many cases, the lights could only be seen through the lens of a camera, as opposed to the naked eye, and two photographers, Antonio Simoes and Ken Keenan were lucky enough to get some great shots!

Thanks to Antonio and Ken for sending these in.

Did you take any photographs of the Northern Lights? Send them into us - we'd love to see them!