The ISPCA's Kenagh HQ is looking for homes for 28 adorable Jack Russells

ISPCA appeals for homes for large number of Jack Russell Terrier dogs and puppies

Longford Leader


Longford Leader


The ISPCA is appealing for loving homes for twenty eight Jack Russell Terrier type dogs and puppies recently surrendered to the charity and currently being cared for the National Animal Centre in Longford.

The ISPCA responded to a call expressing concern for the dogs on the property and found a situation where dogs had been allowed to breed freely and the number of dogs was spiralling out of control.

The majority of the dogs were only eighteen months old or less and included seventeen puppies.  They were removed and transported to the National Animal Centre for veterinary assessment. Thankfully they showed no signs of major health issues and are now receiving the best possible care.

Chief Inspector Conor Dowling said:  “While we are pleased to have been able to intervene before any major welfare issues arose, spaying or neutering would have prevented these unwanted litters of puppies from being born in the first place

"The rescue and rehabilitation of such a large number of dogs and puppies places a significant amount of pressure on the ISPCA, both financially and also in terms of accommodating such an influx of animals.

"Ireland already has a serious problem with stray and unwanted dogs. Owners need to take action to have their pets neutered or spayed now to end this cycle of pet overpopulation.”

The ISPCA is reminding pet owners that spaying or neutering not only brings many benefits for both owners and their pets, but it also reduces the risk of certain cancers, having a positive benefit for health and lifespan and curbing unwanted sexual behaviour or marking.  In the majority of cases, neutering or spaying is the kindest thing you can do for your pet so please speak to your vet today.

For more information about these dogs and puppies looking for good homes, please visit dogs_rehoming/, email or call (043) 33 25035 (0).

The National Animal Centre in Longford is open to visitors Wednesday to Sunday between 11:30am and 4pm where you can meet the many animals in our care.

All dogs and puppies will be fully vaccinated, treated for parasites, micro chipped and neutered or spayed before being responsibly rehomed.