What should be in your wardrobe this Autumn/Winter 2018

AW18 Style guide

Ciara Farrell


Ciara Farrell



Gone are the days of slip dresses and daisy dukes as the summer season comes to an end. The pastel pieces that graced our wardrobes during the unusually warm Irish summer dare not bare their prints and patterns as the leaves begin to fall this autumn.


This season’s overall theme is female empowerment. Designers draw inspiration from the age of #MeToo, one of the many, many feminist movements that have captured the world. Women world-wide are fed up of conforming to expectations, accepting abuse and the general obscurity of everyday sexism. The strength, defiance and demand for respect from women all over the world has been materialized and put on display over the biggest catwalks known to man. So what are we wearing this season, and what does that say about us? Being loud and proud about one’s femininity seems to be a prominent factor in this season’s styles.


Many designers explored the notion of "protection", most literally with brands like Calvin Klein’s  Hazmat suits and boots and more commercially through an abundance of strong prints and a "one coat’s good, two coats are better" approach to autumn layering displayed by brands such as Balenciaga, Givenchy, Marni and Prada.


Animal Prints


If there is one thing you won’t live without this autumn/winter, it’s a bold animal print. Explored as an idea of the everyday woman’s armor, from leopard to zebra, these prints are out in full force. Brands like Dolce & Gabanna, Max Mara and Tom Ford showcased their layered prints on the catwalks of fashion week.


The Leather Dress


As we steer away from summer slip dresses, our wardrobes cry out for a warmer, equally trendy alternative. Look no further, as the leather dress is here to take over. From the blue toned wrap dress of Stella McCartney to Miu Miu’s short and sassy red number, there is an array of styles to choose from with this versatile fabric. Brands like Givenchy and Hermes incorporate broad shouldered designs with a masculine, military feel in their leather dress ensembles further highlighting the idea of fashion as a woman’s armor.


One Coat is Never Enough


What better way to save on the heating bill this winter than to double up on your winter warmers. Designers took layering to a whole new level when models hit the catwalk wearing not one piece of outerwear, but two. Balenciaga showcased a hugely oversized red coat layered over a blue regular fit for dramatic emphasis. In perhaps a more commercial styling, Gabriela Hearst dressed her model in a grey check trench coat paired with a similar hound’s-tooth overcoat on top.

These stylish ensambles are sure to keep you warm through the tough Irish winter months, as well as ensuring you’re bang on trend for this season’s style.


Metallic Madness


Designers seem to have taken inspiration from the future as their striking sci-fi dreams hit the runway this autumn. Oliver Rousteing envisions what women will be wearing in 2065 with his reflective rainbow metallic suit for Balmain’s show. Alberta Farretti conformed to a more wearable piece in a long dark silver dress fit for a futuristic princess. Paco Robanne decided to add disco elements to his silver dress adorned with large silver disc sequins covering the garment. Whatever style you choose, the sci-fi inspired metallic looks will be the silver lining to your winter wardrobe.


Not all heroes wear capes, but these ones do!


Finally, fitting seamlessly into this season’s theme, the cape is a stand out staple for the coming months. Mostly associated with super-heroes, opera goers and the occasional monk, the cape is the elegant update to a puffer jacket you never knew you needed. From Nina Ricci to Saint Laurent, brands are reviving the armless coat for this season in an unlimited range of fabrics and colours. Christian Dior showcases their cape in full cream fur over a multi-colour collard dress, while brands like Loewe and Saint Laurent went for simple tones of beige and black to blend into this season’s colour scheme.