Pictures | Christmas cameos by Longford's Joe McDonagh

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


It's good to have some words of encouragement throughout the year, but Christmas is one of those times where many might need a little more support.

Longford man and former Leader photographer Joe McDonagh launched his book of cameos in the Longford Library in November and has found himself enjoying a sort of online fame following the increased popularity of his online cameos.

Joe posts, on a daily basis, a beautiful photograph inscribed with words of wisdom that are well-received by his Facebook friends.

“The idea came from when I had cancer, plus everything else that had happened to me in my life,” Joe told the Longford Leader.

“The cancer took the two legs from under me and changed my life completely - wiped everything out overnight.

“The way I could cope with it is I had been looking at spirituality for decades, bit by bit - drip feeding it. And it built up.

“With all the lessons I learned since I had the cancer and everything else, people often say to me ‘Jaysus, I’d love to have an attitude like you’.”

Joe is now so well-versed in spirituality that he wanted to share the most important lessons he learned with anyone who might find them useful.

“I just started off on Facebook a couple of years ago with one a week. Then last year it came to me to do one a day and I thought that was a huge undertaking but then I went with it,” he said.

“They’re all totally original. They’re completely my own words, except for one or two where I have a name at the bottom.”

This week, as the festive season gets started, Joe has agreed to share a number of new cameos, created especially for the Longford Leader Christmas supplement.

Anyone interested in more cameos by Joe McDonagh can inquire in the Longford Leader about his new book.