Freshtoday Longford staff join the frontline to get supplies to children and families most in need

Longford Leader reporter


Longford Leader reporter


The Department of Education has confirmed that the recent plan to continue the School Meal Scheme during school closures, will go ahead despite the new restrictions on movement.

Under the revised scheme, 250,000 children will receive whole produce in place of individually made daily lunches.

To assist with delivery, An Post has provided a vital distribution solution.

Freshtoday, one of Ireland's leading school meals providers with facilities based in Longford, are involved in the innovative initiative to get supplies to children and families most in need at this time.

“As soon as schools closed, we knew that the demand from families and schools to supply food would be staggering”, said Ray Nangle, CEO of Freshtoday.

“Therefore, we immediately set about implementing an alternative delivery method and ensuring that we could meet demand. We are pleased to say that we can offer a fortnightly delivery of groceries for each child, ensuring children have all the basics they need to stay home, safe and fed during this time.”

Mr Nagle added, “Our policy at Freshtoday has always been to ensure lunches are made with as much care as if they are for our own children. That does not change. We are an essential service right now and our staff have pulled together like never before. We look forward to getting all staff back on the ground and playing our part for the children of the country during this difficult period.”

Freshtoday Longford employs over 60 staff, delivering to schools all across the country. The staff will be deemed as essential workers at this time.

In addition to the School Meal Scheme, the company has been tasked with providing meals to those being held in isolation at the dedicated premises at City West.

While healthcare staff are receiving so much deserved credit at this time, let’s not forget production staff like these at Freshtoday who will be providing essential goods to those most in need.