Recalling Lanesboro pipe band

Jude Flynn’s latest edition of Fireside Tales, ‘From Around Longford Town and County’ tells the story of the Lanesboro Pipe Band.

Written by Michael Corcoran, the story outlines the history of the band and how its role with the society in which it was based became more evident - with the passing of time, political tides and the economy.

“In 1933 a new Pipers Band was formed in the Parish and on joining, each member pledged to keep politics away from the music,” Mr Corcoran explained, adding that a realisation dawned that politics had destroyed the band’s ethos in the past. “The men decided, irrespective of their political affiliations to bury the hatchet and have a band that would be the pride of the parish.”

The author went on to say that a new band master – Patrick Shields – took to the helm and with vast experience in the music business in Belfast, behind him, the Northern Ireland native brought the band to an entirely new level – and with gusto!

“Patrick Shields was incredible,” Mr Corcoran added. “He came from Belfast where sectarian trouble was rife, and where he was forced to leave the city with his wife and family. He then came to live in Rathcline.”

Officers of the band included Pat Farrell and John Harold, join secretaries; Michael Corcoran, chairman; Charlie Rhatigan and Pat McDermott, treasurers; Eddie Depmsey and John Kenny, vice-chairmen. Band uniforms were made by local tailor, John Sullivan.


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