Calling all local filmmakers

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Do you mess around with a camcorder at home? Do you like to make fun movies with your friends or with your kids? Would you like to develop your interest and skills in film-making further or meet other people who share your interest?

Longford man Shane Crossan is looking to set up a Longford film-makers’ group and is holding a public meeting next week to gauge interest.

“The traditional obstacles to film-making such as access to equipment and a broadcasting platform no longer apply,” said Shane. “Whether you are interested in fiction, documentary, animation, reportage or experimental - cheap camcorders and the internet now mean anyone can make a movie.”

On Wednesday January 9th, at 7.30pm in the Backstage Theatre studio, an open meeting is being held for those interested in setting up a local organisation for film making enthusiasts. Such an organisation could potentially support people living locally to produce their own film-based media by:

· Developing a community of film-makers;

· Learning skills from each other and experts;

· Collaborating and supporting each other on productions;

· Setting up of equipment resource;

· A forum for screening media and receiving critical feedback.

For further information please contact Shane Crossan on 087-4144082 or


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