Voting concludes at Bunlahy Polling Station

Cllr Frank Kilbride. Photo: Joe McDonagh

Cllr Frank Kilbride. Photo: Joe McDonagh

A decision to close Bunlahy Polling Station was met with disappointment by one local area representative at last week’s Co Council meeting.

Cllr Frank Kilbride (FG) told the meeting that the “people of the area” were very disappointed to learn of the closure, after Director of Services, Frank Sheridan made the official announcement last Wednesday.

“The people of Bunlahy are very disappointed over this,” added Cllr Kilbride.

“Their polling station is being closed - a polling station that has been there for as long as people have been voting in this country.”

Mr Sheridan then confirmed that a decision had to made at Local Government level in respect of the closure and he pointed out that St John’s Polling Station on the Battery Road had initially been earmarked for the chop.

“The only polling station that was nominated for closure was St John’s,” he said, adding that upon further investigation, it was discovered that the number of votes attending the facility had increased.

“This was down to numbers, so it was Bunlahy that had to go.”

Bunlahy Polling Station has existed since the late 1900s.




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