Tougher measures for illegal dumping

Cllr Colm Murray highlighting illegal dumping in Kenagh. Photo: Declan Gilmore

Cllr Colm Murray highlighting illegal dumping in Kenagh. Photo: Declan Gilmore

The battle to stop illegal dumping across the county continued last week after one councillor called for the implementation of new bye laws to deal with the matter.

Cllr Tom Victory (FF) made the call on foot of his notice of motion requesting Longford Co Council to carry out checks in illegal dumping “blackspots” for evidence of illegally dumped household waste.

“I am going to become known as the ‘Green’ councillor,” Cllr Victory humorously said, adding that he had also raised the issue of fly tipping on a number of occasions, but illegal dumping had now become a bone of contention because of “all of it that is going on”.

“We have black spots where literally hundreds of black bags of rubbish are being dumped.

“It’s happening in Edgeworthstown and across the county on a regular basis. I know the courts are trying to deal with the matter, but it is not going far enough.

“ Is there a bye law or could we introduce one that would allow the local authority to carry out spot checks on illegal dumping?.”

Cllr Victory also wondered if it was possible for Longford Co Council to put “pressure” on those who were guilty of dumping their rubbish illegally, in an effort to prevent it from happening again.

“It is very unfair to the people who are paying for rubbish to be removed, and it is a blight on our countryside; I really feel that something needs to be done about this.”

Cllr Colm Murray (FG) then told the meeting, that, while he was out canvassing in an “isolated” area of Kenagh the other evening, he observed televisions and bicycles dumped along the side of the road.

“There were five televisions, numerous black bags and an old bicycle just dumped at the side of the road,” he added.

“I could not believe what I was seeing to be honest - this was out in a country area as well. I agree with Cllr Victory - we need some deterrent to ensure that illegal dumping stops and perhaps regular spot checks is the way to go?”

Cllr Denis Glennon (FF) added, “The annual spring clean is an opportunity to ensure that people are dumping rubbish correctly”.

Jack Kilgannon, Director of Services said Longford Co Council was endeavouring to sort the matter by “issuing legal proceedings” where necessary.




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