TDs welcome broadband investment


TDs in the Longford-Westmeath constituency have welcomed the news that homes and businesses in Longford town are set to benefit as part of a €450 milllion investment in upgrading broadband facilities by a joint ESB and Vodafone venture.

“As a result of this major investment plan announced by the ESB and Vodafone, homes and businesses in Longford and Mullingar will be able to access high speed broadband. This will help to both attract new investment and sustain existing businesses, as well as improving the quality of broadband available in people’s homes,” said Fine Gael TD, James Bannon.

His party colleague, Gabrielle McFadden, added: “In May, the Government announced an implementation strategy to deliver State led broadband investment in rural areas under the National Broadband Plan. The initial phase of this plan will involve a fibre build out to more than 1,100 villages. The deployment of fibre will be as close as possible to strategic locations such as schools, business hubs, health facilities and Garda Stations.”

“Through this partnership, fibre optic broadband will be transmitted through ESB’s existing infrastructure, ensuring a faster and more cost effective service,” explained Labour TD, Willie Penrose. “Local businesses particularly are set to be bigger winners, and will be better placed to compete and reach new markets. Work is set to commence in the next couple of months, I look forward to more communities benefitting from high speed broadband.”




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