Students tune in as LCC radio returns

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Budding journalists in Lanesboro Community College have been busy of late, as LCC radio made a welcome return to the airwaves.

Broadcast from Deputy Principal, Michael Lyons’ office through the school’s intercom, LCC Radio made a triumphant return to the school on Friday, April 4 at lunch time.

Having worked on their plan of action for a number of months - the idea was initially brought up in January - the students’ first show was a huge success. The debut show featured a vox pop, in which students were asked what they would like to call their radio station. Meanwhile music fans were treated to music by and facts about a particular artist.

Speaking to the Leader about the station, Mr Lyons explains that the school did have a radio station for a number of years, but it was mostly music-based. This time around, the station hopes to engage students in the issues that matter to them, and get them to think about what’s going on at school - much like the school’s student magazine, ‘The Buzz’.

Complimenting the students involved in the radio station the last time around, Mr Lyons explains; “We wanted to bring it on a bit further”.

“There are twelve students involved at the moment,” Mr Lyons continues. “Hopefully, once it gets off the ground we’ll have more students involved.”

With oral and practical exams underway at the school, along with the creation of the Easter edition of ‘The Buzz’ magazine and the reintroduction of LCC Radio, it’s a busy time for students of Lanesboro Community College.

LCC Radio is broadcast in the school each Friday at lunch time.




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