SF call for transparency on windfarms

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editorial image

Sinn Fein hopeful in the forthcoming local elections in the Granard Electoral Area, John Reilly has spoken about the Windfarm Bill.

“The previous setback distances of 500 meters - irrespective of height - were unacceptable and with the acceptance of our bill, it will now mean that prospective turbines which can be as much as over 600 feet,” he added. “This means wind turbines will have to be ten times the height away from houses.”

The Mullinalaghta native went on to say that there was still a chance that “huge turbines” would be built, a development, he added, “would affect house and land prices in the long term”. “The Sinn Fein bill will mean that wind turbines will not be built in the immediate vicinity of homes,” Mr Reilly continued. “We need full transparency and accountability with full local consultation before any planning for the erection of these windfarms.”




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