Reeling in the years at The Haggart

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Rath Mhuire & Dolmen Resource Services held an event for all its groups recently which brought memebrs on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Granard Men’s Social Club, Dolmen Day-Care, and Dolmen Failte Club took a journey back in time to the Ballroom of Romance in The Haggard at the kind invitation of its proprietor, Michael Masterson.

The Haggard was part of Murphy’s Dance hall in Ballyduffy and was completely refurbished along with an adjacent mud-walled thatch cottage.

“On the day, the groups spent time checking out old machinery and farm implements of the era in the beautifully restored museum, and then they sat by the open fire in the cottage, had tea and told stories,” said Lucy Callaghan, Community Development Worker.

“Later they were treated to some music and plenty of socialising in The Haggard itself. We would like to sincerely thank Michael Masterson for his kind generosity in hosting the event, and compliment him on the wonderful work which he has done over the past number of years to bring the old place to life. It is a wonderful resource to have in Co Longford.”

She went on to say that Mr Masterson had often wondered - as he worked late into the night during the restoration of the project - what the final result would be when people would be on site, and enjoying themselves. “Michael would certainly have got an answer to his thoughts on the day the three groups were there,” added Ms Callaghan. “It was a fantastic and enjoyable occasion and for Michael - that is what it was all about.”

The idea to visit The Haggart was initiated by a passing comment made by one of the organisation’s Day Care members, Nell Mulligan, who remarked one day to driver Paddy O’Reilly about how lovely the place looked. “Wouldn’t it be lovely to revisit those times and remember what life was like there?”, she added.

“Paddy then brought the suggestion to the Rath Mhuire and Dolmen Management team Jackie Kennedy and myself, and with the overwhelming enthusiasm of Michael Masterson the event came alive,” continued Ms Callaghan. “We would like to thank everyone for all their help and support.”




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