Recycle your wrapping paper by eating it

British-based company, BEAF, have created edible wrapping paper.

British-based company, BEAF, have created edible wrapping paper.

  • by Rachel Masterson

A British-based company, BEAF, have devised a way to reduce the mountain of Christmas waste by making wrapping paper not only environmentally friendly but edible.

Every year wrapping paper is discarded and dumped but this new Christmas creation allows your wrapping paper to serve a greater purpose. Lined with vegetable seeds, it has been made so that it can be planted to allow the seeds grow into onions, broccoli, chillis, tomatoes or carrots.

Each sheet is lined with 700 seeds meaning that not all of it has to be planted at once; therefore the owner can get lasting use. The environmentally friendly wrapping paper uses 100% recycled paper and vegetable-based ink so it won’t harm the soil.

Nikolas Venios who works for BEAF said that “it’s almost like a gift wrapped in a gift and it appeals to a wide range of consumers. It is a great product both on an educational level and also from a consumer perspective.”

While the wrapping paper is not yet available commercially, individual sheets can be purchased on the company’s website.

Do you have any tips for reducing waste this Christmas?




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