Questions raised over Edgeworthstown water supply

Tap-water from the Edgeworthstown area. Photo: John Barrington

Tap-water from the Edgeworthstown area. Photo: John Barrington

In the wake of a mostly postiive national Drinking Water Report from the EPA, one local family wants to raise awareness about the ir water quality issues.

Richard Barrington moved to Edgeworthstown with his family in recent years years and this is the fourth time in two years that the water supply has become contaminated, he claims.

“The water goes all cloudy; there is a buildup of calcium deposits and there is an odour that smells like bleach,” said Mr Barrington.

“I certainly would not drink it directly from the tap without boiling it first.”

Mr Barrington said that he had contacted Longford Co Council about the matter. “We need to install a water filter which will be costly, but that is what all our neighbours around here have done and they have no problems with their water,” he added.

The EPA’s Drinking Water Report for 2012 shows that public water supplies serving more than 82 per cent of the population have improved year-on-year over the last five years.




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